Steps to Buy a Vehicle from Afridi Trading Thailand.

Afridi Trading Thailand. is a quality used car exporter in Central Thailand. We have been involved in the used cars business for the last four decades, being one of the OLDEST used vehicle exporters in the country. If you would like to purchase a vehicle from us, please follow the steps given below and you will get the car without any trouble.

Easy Steps to Purchasing a Vehicle from Us

Select a Vehicle from our stock

Select a vehicle of your choice from our stock List. We have plenty of stock to fulfill your requirements for a car. However, if you are not able to find the car of your choice from the list, please give us a call or send us an email message and we will find the car for you within the shortest possible time period.

Pay the Money in our Bank Account

Pay the money to the bank account given on our website within three working days.

Free Quotation

Get a free quotation from Afridi Trading Thailand. Once you have selected the car of your dreams, we will send you a free no-obligation-based quotation to let you know the overall cost of the car to your destination port.

Order your Vehicle

Order Your vehicle by letting us know via email or give us a call to confirm your order.

Payment :

We must receive 100% payment within 5 working days.

Shipping :

The shipping will be arranged as soon as the payment is reflected in Afridi Trading Account. Afridi Trading offers you the best shipping services with the lowest freight charges.

Dispatch Documents :

After the ship leaves the loading port, we will send all the necessary documents by courier.

  1. Bill Of Landing
  2. Export Certificate(English)
  3. Final Invoice
  4. Inspection Certificate from Thailand Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI) / Thailand Vehicle
  5. Inspection Association (JAVIC) and other inspections (if required)

We do not charge any extra fee except mentioned. Our shipping Freight is low as shipping rates.

Receive Your Car

Clear the Car from your port and enjoy the Drive.

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